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Business Goals Comes Before Marketing Goals
I hope that you are having a great August, the sun has been good for all of us in midst of these times we are living and gave us one of the hottest summer!

This is a time where many business used to close for holidays but maybe not this year.

August is the right time to take a step back to review our business goals and check if our marketing activities are producing the results that we set out for the year.

On this week’s blog, I’m going to talk about something that I learned in the last few weeks while going through MOZ SEO training.

Business goals comes before marketing goals

About the importance of setting business goals before any marketing or daily tasks are set in place.

While the MOZ course was about how to take my SEO skills to the next level, I got so many takeaways that helped me to think better as marketer and also business person.

The training gave me a better understanding of the sales funnel and how SEO can contribute to the journey of moving the customers from the unawareness phase to brand awareness. 

Other key takeaways from MOZ’s course, Semantic topics, Top of the Funnel Content, search visibility and one that standout the most for me was when they emphasise on setting business goals and using SEO as a tool to achieve those goals. As part of an overall marketing strategy. 

Company Goals Moz

Source: MOZ – Smart SEO Goals

SEO could be used as a means to achieve a company’s outcomes

If a small business goal is to attract an (X) number of new online customers every month, they could optimise their website content as part of their marketing strategy and create top of the funnel content, answering questions that their potential clients search on search engines.

But before deciding on any Search engine optimisation actions, a business should set clear goals about what they want to achieve.

Maybe your goal could be to increase email list by 10%, increase sales by 5% or new customers sales by 10%.

It does not matter what business goal you set, your marketing efforts will be more effective if you know what you are trying to hit!

Marketing is more effective when you know what you want to achieve

Like they say it’s easier to hit a target when we know what it is we are aiming at!

So what are your business goals for August 2020?

And what marketing actions are you taking to accomplish them?

Closing thoughts

I know that most entrepreneurs will say that they write their goals down and have a plan to achieve them but sometimes we tend to dive into marketing actions before knowing what we want to achieve with those actions.

So I ask you to take a step back and review your goals and the actions you have been taking for the last few months, is it moving you closer to your overall objectives?

Thank you for taking your time to read this post!

I hope you got some value from it.

Until next week!


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