Ranking position #1 on First Page of Google helps SEO Company increase traffic by 71%

First Page Of Google How Company Increased Traffic

How important is for a business to rank position 1 on the first page of Google?

An SEO Company in London had over 50% increase in organic traffic, from last month June to July 2020 by  conquering position on google for the keyword “SEO Consultant London

Clickslice.co.uk Seo Consultant London Traffic Trend

June 2020 organic search source: SEMRush

We are always being told that the first 3 positions on the first page of Google results, usually takes most of the organic traffic for a searched keyword or query.

And achieving such results for any business could be a turning point, even more in these uncertain times.

Clickslice.co.uk Seo Consultant London Last 6 Months Traffic

July 2020 organic search source: SEMRus

What could happen to your business if you managed to rank it number 1 on Google for a very profitable phrase thousands of people search for every month? 

I discovered these amazing results from this great digital company in London yesterday and I decided to share it on this week’s blog.

The data was taken from SemRush.

The question I asked myself, what can I learn from this SEO company and what have they done well to conquer position one for such a competitive keyword?

Reaching number one at the SERPs results is helping Clickslice to receive 74% of organic traffic to one specific page on their website

Clickslice.co.uk Seo Consultant London Organic Pages Research July 2020

source: SEMRush

Below are some of my highlights about the audit I did on their “SEO Consultant London” page. Found some very practical tips you could learn from and implement.

SEO Agency page highlights

Recent video reviews from clients

Clickslice.co.uk Seo Consultant London Recent Results From Consulting Services

Over 40 reviews on their Google My Business Page, many are recent reviews

Clickslice.co.uk Seo Consultant London Google My Business Reviews

There are more than 10 recent reviews from their clients.

Probably this was one of the big factors in helping them rank number one for “SEO Consultant London”.

A Great FAQs section

Clickslice.co.uk Seo Consultant London Fqa

90-day irresistible offer for potential SEO Clients

Last one, an irresistible offer that no potential client could refuse. 

Because they know that they have a great team and the skills to deliver the results and if they don’t, they will refund it 100%.

Clickslice.co.uk Seo Consultant London 90 Day Offer

I know there are many other factors that contributed to helping Clickslice achieve number one on Google but I just wanted to highlight a few of them, such as their recent Google My Business reviews and also their client’s video reviews. I checked position two and three and none of them had video reviews or as many recent client feedback on GMB.

I hope you got some value from this as a great SEO legend says, study those who are doing well and see how you could do something similar.

I would like to congratulate Clickslice for their hard work in helping clients achieve amazing results and out of it I managed to create a blog post that hopefully, someone out there can learn from.

Until next week,

Nuno Lobato

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3 thoughts on “Ranking position #1 on First Page of Google helps SEO Company increase traffic by 71%”

  1. Very interesting! It’s been widely suggested that the more Google services/tools you can implement for your brand/website the better. When I ask clients to leave a review on GMB for https://touchdowntech.com/ there is a high “conversion rate” — over 80%. The problem is that I haven’t always asked clients for reviews. The way I get my clients to leave a review is to send a short email at the end of the project and I keep it very specific to them and their problem that was solved.

    1. Thank you Reuben for your input here and also for sharing your tips on how to get clients to leave reviews. I will take that into account for my future clients.

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