How to avoid the most common SEO mistakes
in 2020 using this Free SEO Extension

Apparently the most common SEO mistakes are those that lie behind a beautiful website.

Sitechecker Seo Mistakes Missing Meta Tags

According to Sitechecker study on 52K audits and 6 million pages, missing metatags such as title, h1 and description are one of the top SEO mistakes on websites in 2020. 

This is something I have been noticing myself from the SEO checks I have been doing for the last few months on Small Businesses websites.

The other thing I found out was that many of the website owners were not aware of the missing meta tags and also didn’t know that there are Free tools they could use to quickly check and fix this critical SEO mistakes.

How to check and fix missing meta tags

Checkbot Finds Seo Speed Security Problems Missing Tags

On this blog post my main goal is to help those small business owners who work so hard on their website but are not aware of some of the important SEO factors when it comes to ranking and being found on search engines.

First I am going to show you how to run a quick check, in case you have a website with many pages.

Then I will share my favourite SEO extension to check key pages on any site.

If you have a a website with 20 or more pages I would recommend first to use a tool such as Screaming Frog or Checkbot to quickly find missing title, h1 and meta description tags.

For key pages on your website I would recommend the Detailed SEO Extension, you can download it from Chrome Extension Store and with a click pull valuable SEO data from any webpage.

After you discover the missing meta metags, go to your backend platform and add the missing tags, in case you’re not sure which one to use, visit similar websites as yours and check theirs. You can use the tool below to do that.

My Favourite SEO Extention tool on Google Chrome Store.

 On Google Chrome Web Store, there are many useful SEO extension tools you can add to Chrome browser to help you with website optimisation.

These days I found myself using this one tool on every website I visit almost every day, with a simple click you can check powerful data about any webpage.

The tool was developed by the Detailed SEO company, which helps smart businesses grow their search traffic.

A fast way to check if you have the following meta tags in place: Title, Description, Canonical, Robots.txt and Sitemap files

With a simple click, you can see this visual overview and avoid some of the most common mistakes on webpages
Detalied Seo Extension Title Description Url

Check all the heading tags, from h1 to h6

With this check, you can quickly explore what’s on the page without scrolling through.

Detalied Seo Extension Heading Tags

Internal links and external links on a webpage

Get the internal and external links on a webpage and also the anchor text used!

Detalied Seo Extension Internal Links

Schema Microdata on a webpage

One way to learn how to setup Schema on your website is by checking how other related businesses have set up theirs.

Schema is becoming an important feature for Search Engine such a Google and Bing, it tells them what’s the page about and who created the content on it.

Detalied Seo Extension Schema

And more powerful features such as a direct link to PageSpeed Insights, SEMRush and SimilarWeb

Want to check the PageSpeed performance of your website? The Detailed SEO extension helps you to open PageSPeed website and see your results without you having to type your URL.

It’s really handy if you also have a SEMRush account you can check the organic traffic of any website with a simple click!

Detalied Seo Extension Pagespeed And Other Links

Before writing this blog post I was thinking about sharing this tool which has been of great use to me and I hope that it can be of great use to you as well!

Just a note to remember, all websites have something to improve or fix, but there are some things which are very important when it comes to how search engines read websites and not having them in place could hurt a website potential on ranking better.

I recommend you to try this Free SEO extension tool on your own website, so that you  can avoid the common mistakes that many new websites owners have on their webpages which could be affecting the overall performance of their site.

I would love to know about which SEO extensions tools you are using and what are your thoughts about the Detalied SEO extension. 

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