Images Slowing Down your Website

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Since the beginning of 2020 I have been doing SEO audits on websites and I noticed one common trend, “images slowing down websites”. Whenever I ran the websites on Google PageSpeed, there was always a recommendation to resize the pictures as some of the images were too big and were causing the sites to be slower according to Page Speed Audit.

This week’s quick tip is for you to go and audit your own website using Google’s own tools and check what is holding your website back.

It’s a Free tool, all you need is to go to PageSpeed and insert your URL and then it will let know you about any improvements you need to make! 

Pagespeed Insights Example Slow Website

Why is my website slow?

To identify why your website is slow, you will need to conduct a proper audit and see what you need to improve.
Usually images are the first place people check when analysing a website to check what is making it slow. So the best way is to perform a page speed audit using Google’s own tools and follow the recommendations.

The are many tools out there to help you resize your pictures.

Tools to Resize your Pictures

For image optimization and to improve the speed your website, try the following tools and Apps. 

Before I share the tools here I would like you to check one of the best guides about image optimization and page speed by Page Dart.

My favourite tool to resize my images and keep them at a high quality is Squoosh

With this tool you can resize over 90% of an image and maintain almost the same quality.

Image Optimization Sqoosh

Use Canva to resize your pictures

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows you to create social media graphics, presentations and other media content.

A lot of people on Instagram use Canva to create the images they use on their posts, on Canva you can make almost any type of media you need for your website, banners, logos and  covers.

One of the great things about this platform is that it resizes your pictures when you download them to your computer.

In case you download them from Canva and they still big, you can go to Squoosh and reduce their size.

Canva To Resize Your Pictures

To resize many images at once

If you have many pictures and you want to save time and resize them all at once, then I would recommend It’s one of the oldest digital tools when it comes to resizing images, they have been helping people to optimise their pictures since 2005!
You can resize one image or in a batch.

Picresize Slow Website

I hope you find this week’s tip about how to resize your image useful and you are now able to do it yourself and make some improvements to your page speed.

To recap, run an audit of your website using Google PageSpeed.

To resize an image, go to Canva, picresize or Sqoosh and upload your picture and then resize to the size yout want, I would recommend less than 150KB per image if you can keep the same quality.

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Thank you for reading and make sure you take some action from what you learned here, see you next week!

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