SEO for Local Business is a must in 2020. I would like to share with you some Top SEO tips that you can use as a checklist recommended by Google Best Practices for website owners.

Tell Google your website exists

Inform Google about your website so it can understand what is your website about and show it to people when they search for content similar to what you have in your site>

On way to do this is by doing a site search on Google, such as site:(your website).com, click search and you see will results for your website. If nothing comes up, it means your site is not indexed with Google or has not been picked up by Google yet!

The quickest way to index a website with google is by using Google Console, a Free service but very powerful for any website owner. No matter what you sell or what you are promoting online, Google Console helps you to identify which pages and keywords are bringing people to your website. And also how many visitors came from organic search, all for Free. 

Just to remind you that, you will have to create a sitemap to fully index your website, it’s a simple process as well. (Link out)

Create the best Educational Content about what you do

This second tip from Google may be the MOST important one!

To make sure that everything you publish and share in your website is your best work and it answers some of the main questions people search for about your industry or business.

Instead of just talking about how great are your products, try to educate your potential client by creating content that’s helpful to them, and also if you provide a service what tips could you give to help them save money around your services!

A good example and habit is to constantly Google similar websites in your industry and see what type of content Google is showing on Page One. Spend time analysing every website and notice the quality of the website, how fast it loads, how many reviews they have and how can you do something similar or better. 

The key is to understand what are the requirements to get to Page One and start doing something to get noticed by Google or other people in your industry!

Is your business showing up on Google Maps?

When you type your business name on the search box, does it come up on Google Maps or on the list below?
If it does not then maybe you need to register with Google My Business, if you have not done so! Google My Business is the new platform where local business can outshine and take advantage of location base search. Such as, Thai Restaurant East London, if your business was in East London and you have it on Google My Business, it could come up in one of the results for Thai Restaurant in that location.

This is a top SEO tip for local business, become active on Google My Business, share about what’s happening in your industry, how you are wowing your customers or any promotions you might have going on. This platform is great for visibility and also to help your website get found for location base searches. Besides it’s Free to use!

SEO TOP TIP: Fast Website and Mobile Friendly

As you may know most people spend most of their time on their mobile phones and if you want to grab their limited attention span, you must have a fast website and one that is mobile friendly. That loads quickly on desktop and mobile.

People will quickly check another website or go back to results if your website takes long to load and it’s not optimised for mobile. 

Luckily, there are many tools to check website performance and if it’s mobile friendly, 2 great ones are, Google Mobile Friendly and PageSpeed

This is a recommendation from google itself as well.

Is your website secured with HTTPS?

These days if you use Bing or Chrome browser, both will warn you if a website is not secured! This could have a huge impact on potential clients visiting your site and also your site might be losing favour from Google as is not a secured place to send people.

To fix this: Contact your Hosting supplier and ask them how they can help you to make sure your site is HTTPS secured.

SEO starts with the basics from Google Best Practice

Most of the tips from above comes from Google itself. 
Although some of the recommendations are simple and affect your website in a big way, not everyone is digital savvy to do them straight away.

I would recommend you to read The Best Practices Guideline for website owners, basically Google tells you what you need to do and also avoid, so that your website shows up in Google Search results.

Also if you have checked your website and you noticed that you may need help with some of the above, you can reach out to a (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation Professional, a person who can help you to solve the issues that may be hurting your website!

Just remember, don’t make all the changes at once and start prioritising your digital activities to serve your industry and clients/customers online!

My name is Nuno and I help Small Businesses to Fix Issues Holding their website back and  increase visitors from organic search in the long term.

What’s one thing holding back your webiste from your ideal client?

Let me know and I will perform a SEO Audit to check and fix it!

By Nuno, 28th February 2020

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