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Ideas Run The World

Jon had always dreamt of one day being able to travel the world and make money while doing it.
When Jon was young in the late 90’s, he used to tell his friend that he was born to be free and when he grow up he would have a business that does not require his physical presence and the business would work even when he’s asleep.

Timing is really important

10 years has passed and it’s 2009, Jon is 25 and so much has changed in the last 10 years.

There’s new players in the game and many people are achieving their dreams by leveraging the power of YouTube, Facebook and Google.

Jon just finished Uni and he studied marketing but he decided that he will work for himself instead of following the corporate route.

He loves cars and he notice that there’s many people searching for car related content and that maybe he could start a business sharing tips for Auto Mechanics in his town.

He start researching the Auto Mechanic niche, goes to Google trends and the trend shows that people search for local mechanics when they need a mechanic to fix their cars in their local area.

He realise that most Auto mechanics don’t have a website yet and that he could become the digital marketer for mechanics in his town.

Anyone can turn their dreams into reality

Jon is having a drink with some of his childhood friends and he tells them about the dream he shared 10 years before, that one day he would run a business that would not require his physical presence and he would operate it from around the world.

Jon chooses the name for his domain and buys hosting for 12 months.
He goes to YouTube and spends hours and hours learning all he can about WordPress and in less than 48 hours he builds his website.
He decides to work with local businesses and help them  to get clients by optimising their website for Google Search.

From what he understands about Google, people go to Google and type something they want or need and then Google chooses a selections of options to show on the first page. There are a few requirements to get to the first page results, first the website must have high quality content that answers the questions people ask on Google and other website must mention or link back to that website.

So Jon visits all local mechanics in his town and offers to help them setup their website and after some persistency a few of them say Yes and Jon gets his first clients.

What idea would you like to turn into reality?

The story of Jon is the story of many of us today, we all want to be able to run a business that give us the freedom, and run the business from around the world.
The only difference between Jon and most of us is that he took actions on his dreams!

What are your dreams? What ideas running through your mind right now?
What’s stopping you from testing your idea?

We live in a time now that ideas are the new currency, these days one person can have the idea and share it with people around the world and with the help from other people turn that idea into a profitable business idea.

If I can tell you something, don’t keep your ideas for yourself, start sharing them because just like Jon, if you start talking about your idea or desire, you will find a way to turn them into reality.

My name is Nuno, the story above is my story, right now I am following my dream of being able to run a digital business from anyplace in the world.

I help small business with Local SEO strategies to improve their SEO game and get local clients from Google Search.

I hope you enjoyed this week blog post, please check my older posts for SEO tips for your website! 

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